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*Neither myself, nor Adventure Kids Books, LLC, are responsible for any services given by the companies or individuals noted below.  This is simply a list of companies and individuals that I am familiar with.  Book at your own risk.


Safari Guides

Muridy Ahmed with: Lapwing Company LTD.

Website: lapwings.co.tz

Email: info@lapwings.co.tz

Robson Urasa with: Leadwood Expeditions

Website: www.leadwoodexpeditions.com
Email: info@leadwoodexpeditions.com and robsonurasa@yahoo.com
Office Phone: +254724731331


Rail Pass:

Here is the link for the Rail Passes - I had a 12 day version when I went, but this is offering a 4 and 8 day on off trip:

Website: https://www.raileurope.com/pass/britrail-scottish-freedom-pass-5896


Lunch in Manitowoc:

Fantastic place for an ice cream sundae and handmade candies.  This place is an institution.  Beerntsen's for lunch and snacks!

Website: https://beerntsens.com/ 

Site Seeing in Manitowoc:

The Wisconsin Maritime Museum is a treat - beautifully built and well maintained. You can visit the USS Cobia - a submarine that was in service during WWII and is an example of the more than 100 submarines built in Manitowoc during the war. 

Website: https://www.wisconsinmaritime.org/

Largest Waterpark in the US:

Noah's Ark has been a fantastic waterpark for many years.  It continues to provide hours of fun, is extremely well maintained and it well worth your time if you visit Wisconsin. The Dells (the area that the park is in) provides some great other options from jet boards to "the Ducks" ride to horseback riding.  There is an eatery called Paul Bunyon's that we visited as a child - we didn't make it this trip but I remember it fondly from my youth. 

Website: https://www.noahsarkwaterpark.com/

Amazing Cheese!:

Ehlenbach's Cheese Chalet is the real deal. Coming from someone who was called the "Cheese Wiz" as a kid, I would know.  Great service, amazing cheese (A cheddar aged 15 years on site and available for tasting) and some good homemade candy as well.  The will shrink wrap and ship your cheese for a small cost!