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Megan Zavaglia - Travelin' Gal

- A self-proclaimed travel junkie with a passion for learning about people, cultures and environments around the world. 

- Writer of picture books, early readers and short stories.

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Get out of Your Comfort Zone!

Traveling the US and Abroad 


Secrets, stories, and tips for your

next step in a bold adventure.

Deciding to travel is one of the best decisions you can make.

Whether you love getting out of your comfort zone, have a passion for traveling, or simply find learning about other cultures fascinating — you are in the right place for all things travel. Learn pieces of the languages I picked up, the humorous situations I get myself into, and the way traveling has shaped the person I am today.

This page may just inspire you to take a step towards your next adventure. 


Get a laugh out of my experiences and tips on what NOT to do when: 

  • Your safari jeep breaks down out of radio range and you have to push it through a land filled with wild animals.

  • Your group trip to Africa turns into a solo adventure.

  • You have large bush pigs and a water buffalo brush by your 200 sq ft tent in the middle of the night. 


Have you ever:

Gone hunting with the Hadzabe tribe? Been greeted by an elephant butt at sunrise? Had a tick hitchhike on your back while trespassing through the ruins in Scotland?


I’ve been through it!

From getting lost in Munich during Oktoberfest to getting caught in a swarm of Tsetse flies, I give you all the tips and information to succeed during your next adventure. 


Every adventure leads to lessons and opportunities,

just make sure you don't miss them?

Click on a blog post below for some stories on how to

make the best out of every opportunity or click on "Blog" at the top for the full list!